Reveka Makeovers

“Nothing can stop you if you decide you have to win”

This is not a cliché line but a story of what I am. Starting from the bottom, my story will surely inspire some budding artists in the field of makeup. My one golden piece of advice will be that you should NEVER GIVE UP on your dreams and just slowly keep moving ahead, success will surely find you one day.

I am a graduate in the field of animation which might surprise some of you, but what is more surprising is the fact that I quit my 2 years’ worth of experience in the field of animation and jumped into this stream of professional makeup artist. Foremost part of my resignation, I suffered through almost everything you all can possibly imagine. I had a little savings which I used in getting a makeup course in Delhi. I used to travel in local buses to places, executed unpaid internships to gain experience and eventually achieved the rank which helped me become what I am right now.

Being a Makeup artist inspires me to be skillful, deliver joy and put smiles across the faces of people who also enjoy this just as I do. The idea behind teaching this art to you all people is to give it back to the field which has my heart and soul. If you are passionate, I believe you will overcome all the obstacles in life to be a better version of yourself and who knows even surpass the best ones in the arena.

So to all the budding artists, I just wish you a happy journey and hope you learn from all my experiences in these years which I have dedicatedly put in to bring you these courses.