Celebrity makeup artist Reveka Setia has climbed to the top of the makeup industry
May 30, 2022

Celebrity makeup artist Reveka Setia has climbed to the top of the makeup industry


Cosmetologists have long tried to push the boundaries of traditional skincare regimens and develop the methods and uses of various beautification and caring products.

They work in a science-driven, fast-paced consumer products business. What appears to be a minor improvement might sometimes be a huge scientific advance. For example, it took 20 years of scientific progress to eliminate the smell of ammonia from hair colour, and every new lipstick requires at least 30 unique scientific procedures.

The industry’s innovation is long-term. To bring a novel product to market, it might take up to 5 years of inventive research and development.

Reveka is a renowned makeup artist who has mentored over 10,000 pupils and several well-known makeup artists. She’ll sculpt, polish, and flawlessly present you.

She is recognized for her dazzling style, but she avoids using too many colors or glitter, and she understands when to allow one feature, such as the eye or the lips, to speak for itself. Not a single brow hair is out of position, and not a single lash is out of place when she applies her makeup. It is all in its place, and the makeup is flawless!

She says, “However, the globe is becoming increasingly linked, it is simultaneously becoming increasingly localized and subjective: people are seeking products and services that are unique to them. For our sector, this includes addressing consumer needs for goods adapted to age, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, geographic location and temperature, living, healthcare, and well-being.”

She further mentioned the possible future innovations. They can be put as:

> Devices monitoring the skin hydration levels.
> Use of augmented reality to personalization.
> Get Virtual try apps.
> 3D E makeup is making gaga all over.

Consumers will, it is believed, have a one-of-a-kind chance to have their skin diagnosed, get cosmetics, and collect data on skin features without ever leaving their homes.

Reveka provides one-of-a-kind party makeup, bridal makeup, pre-wedding makeup, and special occasion makeup to help you look your best on your big day. Her expertise and experience ensure that every bride looks her absolute best on her wedding day. They utilise high-end cosmetics from some of the world’s most prominent brands, and all of their treatments are completely safe and sanitary.

She is also aiming to open a new studio in Delhi. Not only that, but she has also established herself as one of the top makeup artists in North India as a result of her dedication and desire to achieve greatness.

She has pioneered a new trend in delicate makeup and is also one of the best cosmetics mentors, having taught for the previous ten years at her makeup academy. Each of her wedding and cosmetic looks goes viral in a matter of seconds.