Makeup isn’t about getting fairer, it’s perfect when you accentuate your unique Features, Says Reveka Setia, Celebrity Makeup Artist
May 30, 2022

Makeup isn’t about getting fairer, it’s perfect when you accentuate your unique Features, Says Reveka Setia, Celebrity Makeup Artist

India is the nation’s fastest populated country, with over 1 billion people inhabiting this land of ethnic depth and richness.

They’ve always been drawn to grandeur, and its home to a diverse wide range of cultures, territories, faiths, and clans. Through Ayurveda and Cinema glamour to eCommerce choices and the move from lighter skin to comprehensive beauty, the Indian cosmetics sector is one that is always evolving as styles and eras change.

Top beauty styles in India have featured a fair share of fascination with lighter skin tones in the past when the market was dominated by overseas brands and fast-moving consumer goods. Earlier “dark” days, when women were conditioned to feel that rich, colourful skin tones were unattractive and required to be altered, are beginning to vanish.

As we glide through the glossy pages of many beauty magazines, we come across a name in this industry Ms Reveka Setia a professional makeup artist, born and brought up in Chandigarh City, has over ten years of professional experience. She has reinvented herself into a stunning mentor. She founded the Makeup Studios and Academy to share her knowledge, skills, and concepts with all of these promising young individuals.

Reveka helps us understand how the colourism issue is evolving now. She says, “Shoppers are now demanding businesses that promote diversity, inclusiveness, and consciousness. Therefore marketing strategy for Indian beauty firms is constantly evolving in response to this growing phenomenon.

The majority of skin-lightening lines have been phased out in favour of cosmetics that celebrate the diversity of Indian skin. Environment, urbanization, lifestyle habits, and Indian complexion issues such as eye bags, blemishes, and discoloration are all taken into account by some very well-known Indian beauty products.”

Her job as a beautician encourages her to be creative, enthusiastic, and upbeat. If you’ve ever wondered how makeup artists achieve immaculate ethereal radiance, bombshell brows, and top-tier volumizing mascara, the brush is part of the solution, as Ms Setia explained to us. While the cosmetics an artist uses and the skills they learn contribute for around 90% of where and how the appearance turns out, the instruments they use account for the remaining 10%.

We learned a lot more about Reveka as we dug further. “Whether you are excited about something, I presume you should overcome all hurdles in life to become a better-looking version of yourself and perhaps even exceed the best in the industry,” she believes.

“It usually looks scary until everything is in place,” she says. “If you keep moving forward gradually, prosperity will come your way one day,” Reveka says.

We recognised and noticed her successes in this trip as we spoke with her; aside from being a renowned make-up artist, she has introduced some big alterations in the make-up profession, giving it a new meaning.

We are truly inspired by the personality and charm of Ms. Reveka.