Reveka Setia, A Name in The Beauty Industry Which is Bringing Revolution with Her Innovative Creations
May 30, 2022

Reveka Setia, A Name in The Beauty Industry Which is Bringing Revolution with Her Innovative Creations

Reveka Setia has just achieved Instagram fame for her outstanding work that has been long overdue. She has won everyone’s hearts with her simple and understated bridal attire and makeup. If you want to be a traditional and understated bride, then Reveka is what you should look for. She is bringing a kind of revolution to the makeup industry with her innovative creations of look and makeup on every occasion.

With her 10 years of experience with following the new trends and demands, she has become one of the best in the beauty industry. Reveka has mentored over 10,000 students and some of them have now become well-known names. The Chandigarh-based makeup artist Reveka is stealing the show with her art of brushes and shimmers, she creates magic wherever she goes.

Completed her learning in Delhi then she started to establish her art of makeup by launching two studios in Rajpura and Chandigarh Tricity. And soon you will find one of her studios in Delhi too. Being a freelancer, Reveka has paved her way into the beauty industry and has grabbed the opportunity beautifully. Each one of them looks created by Reveka goes viral in seconds. That’s why she is the internet sensation, whose makeup and looks are followed by many budding makeup artists.

One of her most appreciated and recognized works is with Urvashi Rautela, which got her recognition globally. The buzz she is creating and the success she has got is making her believe that leaving her animation course to pursue her dream to become a makeup artist was not wrong. From Chandigarh to all over India, Reveka travels and spreads the magic of her talent by giving memorable looks on your memorable days.

With a mission and vision to create a large client base before expanding her premium academies all over India, Reveka is pushing herself towards her goal by bringing innovative ideas every day. She has created many iconic looks which got appreciated at different levels and have been recreated by budding makeup artists as well. Not only this she has become an Instagram influencer because of her different style.

Reveka will give you the look you want if you want makeup that truly emphasizes and opens up the eyes, especially with a little colour. She devotes a significant amount of time to define the crease and the eyelids. She also wears contact lenses to enlarge her eyes and applies artificial eyelashes for added drama. She is the makeup artist to work with if you want a dramatic eye shadow moment.