Reveka Setia shares her expertise, experiences
May 4, 2022

Reveka Setia shares her expertise, experiences

Reveka Setia is a superstar in the field of makeup artists. She is recognised for her glamorous style, but she avoids using too many colours or glitter, and she understands when to allow one feature, such as the eyes or the lips, speak for itself. Not a single brow hair is out of position, and not a single lash is out of place when she applies her makeup. Everything is in its place, and the makeup is flawless!

She graduated from animation school and left her two years of experience in the industry to seek a job as a freelance makeup artist. Reveka’s career as a freelancer has blossomed thanks to the gorgeous appearances she produces.

She is known all over the world for the look she designed for Urvashi Rautela, and she also creates bridal looks for a number of well-known people. Reveka’s brushwork isn’t confined to Chandigarh or Punjab; she traverses the world and creates magic with her brushes.

Some humans are born with particular abilities, while others are born with flaws. The potential is significantly greater than that of regular people since they have god-given abilities; all they need is someone to recognise their aptitude and heading in the right way.

Reveka Setia is among the rare people who can make it from the ground up to perfection. Reveka is a professional make – up artist whose work and appearance have shook the beauty business. She has supervised over 10,000 students in the beauty business over the course of her ten-year career.